AsorCAD, experts in 3D and 3D Digitizing Solutions

Asorcad Engineering helps companies of different sectors with professional solutions and services 3D scanning, reverse engineering, 3D metrology, product design and tooling and processing point cloud for over 25 years.

As experts in 3D technology we developed since its inception, we can advise on the acquisition of full sets of 3D scanning and 3D printing. We supply turnkey solutions including hardware CAD software for reverse engineering, mesh treatment and professional 3D metrology.

Creaform 3D scanner and Geomagic of professional AsorCAD

Creaform professional 3D Scanner

Official distributors in Spain and Portugal of equipment for 3D digitizing, reverse engineering and 3D metrology Creaform.

Geomagic Capture professional 3D Scanner

Geomagic Capture is a comprehensive system scanner and most powerful 3D software market.

3D Scanning

Service scanned or digitized 3D-site or in our offices. No size limit, accuracy or resolution.

3D Design

The design 3d cad is redesigning cloud points. A 3d cad design prototype is created.

Industrialization and 3D prototypes

Complete 3D design projects. Prototypes with advanced 3D technology market. Drastically reduce the "time to market".

3D Metrology

3d metrology studies the point cloud, find out the calibration is correct as seen manufacturing.

3D Reverse Engineering

The inverva engineering in 3d is a 3d design obtner from 3D scan of a product.

3D Metrology Software AsorCAD

Geomagic 3D Metrology Control

To verify object dimensions, quality control and verification, the program measures and compares the scanned to find and analyze manufacturing defects objects.

AsorCAD software inverse ingeneria

Geomagic Design X for reverse engineering

Convert the result of a 3D scanned in a CAD file is easier and more productive with Geomagic Design X. This CAD program for reverse engineering gives us tools to have a CAD file with ruled surfaces.

Software for point cloud processing of 3D AsorCAD

Geomagic Wrap

Optimize the results of a 3D scan playback of prototypes, for machining the workpiece, as the actual file size of the object, to have a virtual three-dimensional vision. Treatment of meshes, meshes management.


The 3D digitized in the aerospace industry has become a big help to create, simulate, verify, analyze and collaborate across departments in 3D

Art and Heritage

3D digitized (or decision points for a 3D figure), is used in art from ancient Greece. In AsorCAD we have just updated the method.


The 3D digitized was initially developed for the automotive industry, and subsequently applied in other fields with one goal: Helping create, simulate, verify, analyze and collaborate in 3D.

Consumer Products

3D digitized at any step of your project design and lifestyle products.


The 3D digitized for the medical sector. They can be used to reduce response times by replacing or deleting steps of traditional methods and to facilitate and simplify processes for patients.


We found numerous applications in the educational community and have opened doors to new processes.
Now used and taught in the best faculties of Arts and Engineering world.


The 3D digitized optimizes manufacturing processes, and reduces production costs.


The ability to capture color in 3D digitized opens a wide field of possibilities in the world of multimedia communications.

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